The latest ABiQ report on the Kenyan economy with key infrastructure projects, details for key organisations and decision makers in Kenya. Access the report to get a glimpse of the demand for basic infrastructure required between 2019 and 2040!


Spriiing is Africa's devoted digital marketplace for Entrepreneurs & SMMEs across Africa who need to keep up with the world's migration to online transactions, and want to do so without the stress or high costs of manually building and updating websites. The platform is a growing marketplace of businesses and consumers, all hungry to offer and purchase products and services at small and large scale. Spriiing makes it easy for the already-overwhelmed entrepreneur to take care of digital business evolution at minimal costs for maximum benefits, unlike expensive agencies that charge high fees and make customers wait for weeks or months on end before having a complicated product ready for review. Join Spriiing today to begin your journey to success in the online world.

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